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Lessons at The Diettrich Farm will make you hungry to learn more with our unique learning environment and approach. The feet of the horse are the port hole to the next dimension of horsemanship. Learning how the rhythm and life in your body can influence the movement of a horse is extremely empowering. Join the new revolution for horsemanship while having fun developing riding skills and self confidence. In the learning frame of mind we focus on concepts, skill, and awareness and then apply all of these on the trail, while playing games and having fun. Through this higher dimension of horsemanship, developing harmony with the horse is like the best dance one has ever had.

Lesson Pricing

  • One hour private lesson: $60
  • One hour group lesson (2 to 6 riders): $50
  • One hour trail class: $60.00 (confidence building)
  • Two hour trail class: $110.00 (apply concepts to the trail)
  • Group trail class: $65
  • Practice session (2 hours): $50

All lesson prices are subject to change. Lessons given on school horses or your own horse. For more information please contact us.

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