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Lady Lynn
Let's talk about the next generation. The generation of the next life that, at my age, I will see through my eyes. Because that's how we bring up our children and the way she engages young minds around the barn. Young souls that Lady Lynn will mold to become the next great generation of horse people, horse boarders, horse owners and most importantly: the next story tellers of horsemanship and the revolution of horsemanship.

This is my experience with someone that should be recognized for her day in and day out work, ethics and morals. To the responsibility to the horse and young minds she trains. I came upon Lady Lynn on an October morning looking though the barn doors with the sun to my back. I could only see darkness, but a voice rang out as young riders work on their craft. This was something different going on. The way she used language to communicate concepts, ideas and theories to young minds - it was nothing that I had ever heard before. And so, she became my teacher of life with a horse because the life with a horse is your life as it evolves. I move around her and watch and find out the other side to Lady Lynn.

The story of Lady Lynn is a hidden jewel of a farm on Bong State Park with miles of riding trails. Lynn Diettrich Farm has been owned and operated by Lynn since 1987. Her goal is to provide an environment where kids and adults can grow in their relationships with horses. She creates a place where horses are valued.


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