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Lynn's personal teaching style creates a fun, nurturing community where young and the "young-at-heart" (like me) can develop and increase skills in horsemanship together. It's true whether you are taking lessons or boarding, you can't help but increase your self confidence and develop your relationship with your horse and even yourself. Lynn has been a tremendous resource and support to me throughout the years with aging horses and with new acquisitions. My daughters' self esteem and confidence grew exponentially with Lynn's warm instruction and supportive environment. She honestly was part of raising them to be the women they are today. Thank you Lynn!

Colleen Connelly Welke

Lady Lynn
Let's talk about the next generation. The generation of the next life that, at my age, I will see through my eyes. Because that's how we bring up our children and the way she engages young minds around the barn. Young souls that Lady Lynn will mold to become the next great generation of horse people, horse boarders, horse owners and most importantly: the next story tellers of horsemanship and the revolution of horsemanship.

This is my experience with someone that should be recognized for her day in and day out work, ethics and morals. To the responsibility to the horse and young minds she trains. Continue reading...

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